Some people might be thinking: “You work at Amazon, so why don’t you comment on the huge drop in the stock price that happened today?” I don’t think there is much to comment about that, though. Amazon is going through dangerous ways. It is positioned in a market that requires lots of investment, and lots of risk. The point that bothers investors is that Amazon likes to take risks and invest all the money it gets on strange projects that may or may not give returns in the medium and long term. An example? The A9 Yellow Pages. Lots of money was invested in going around 10 cities in the US to take pictures of pretty much all streets and then make them available online. What is the profit from that? Brand placement as a source of innovation! You go to A9, find the business you are looking for, then it throws you to Amazon to see the pictures. Now you are at Amazon and you may decide to look around and buy something! This may happen and probably does. But is it enough to justify the investment? Who knows? The only thing that people know is that Wall Street is not happy, and nobody likes to see an unhappy Wall Street.

It is an interesting environment to be in a company that just received “bad news.” People lose a little excitement, start to get a little worried about their future. But, for me, I wasn’t shaken by the news. I knew it was coming, because I can add 2+2 and see how much investment is happening at Amazon. Even the project I’m involved right now is a risky investment. We haven’t delivered anything so far! Lots of really bright people (yes, I know I’m an outlier there… But they always have to have an anchor to drag them back, right? This thought make me feel good in the morning, so I’ll stick to it) working on a really hard problem, both technically and politically. It’s fun to be there!

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