I’ll start today’s post with an interesting article I found on Reason: Free Kurdistan! It talks about something that appears from time to time in the mind of people: why should Iraq be unified? Isn’t unification dictatorial and can potentially lead to more blodshed? It’s interesting to think about that. What do I think? I think that it is all wrong, anyway, so why not just accept it and go on with what you have? Go and have a unified Iraq and see what this will take you! When the poor US soldiers will be able to be sent back home? Not anytime soon…

After this prelude, it’s time for a little summary of my week. First I have to say that nothing really exciting happened. I worked on both my research and… on my work. Actually there is one potentially exciting thing: tomorrow I’m going hiking with a friend from work. He has been trying to plan this for a while, but finally we decided to go for it. Surely the weather won’t be great, but what to expect from Seattle during the winter? It is going to be fun anyway, I’m sure!

I actually got bad news: my most important paper of all I’ve sent was rejected. And it wasn’t a very “mild” rejection, but a “rewrite everything” type of rejection. Made me a little sad.

Oh, and on my way back from work today (yes, around 10 pm), I had some strange ideas of things I should add to my dissertation. Statistical analysis about network growth being the basis for the creation of normalization techniques. It would probably work, but I don’t know if I want to go through the whole math. I don’t know if it is worth it… I would have to make so many assumptions that it wouldn’t be that useful. I’ll think a little bit more about this!

Time to go. I still have to have dinner here. And then go to buy some supplies for tomorrow.

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