The benefits of having poor memory

Not being able to memorize most things are most always a big problem that I have to live with every day. However, from time to time I have to enjoy some of the benefits. One of the most important benefits is that when I read something I wrote some time ago I get impressed with my past ability to write! I do get a little depressed by thinking that if I think I wrote well in the past, it means that I write badly right now.

Anyway, more specifically I was working on my dissertation and I was impressed with how readable I think it is. There are very few things that I would really change, and this makes me excited! I do have to change one chapter and add a new one (and to correct the introduction and conclusion to match this change), but the rest of the dissertation is pretty good, in my humble opinion (remember that it seems like to me as if I wasn’t the one that wrote it – I know the content, but the words just seem alien).

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