A day I was glad I work at Amazon

Today it was one of the days I was really happy I work here. Why? Because I had the opportunity of seeing and getting a free autographed book from Alton Brown! You might be thinking: who is Alton Brown? Before you actually click on the link, I’ll tell you that he is the hero of nerds that like to cook! His objective in life is to try to understand what happens when you cook and put it in very simple terms to appeal to the non-experts.

If you’ve watched at least some of his shows you know his jokes, right? Well, life he is a real comedian, making fun of Rachael Ray and Emeril (who doesn’t, right? Even on the cooking presentation I saw on Saturday, the chef made fun of Emeril’s “BAM”). It was great! A very healthy way of investing 1 hour of my day.

I have many things to say about it, but I have to run now. I’m trying to get home early so that I can work on my research.

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