Build it and they will come

Especially if you build something on the internet, somebody will always find it. Today I had the experience of somebody finding my profile on JDate (although I did remove it from all searches for some reason I don’t quite remember) and coming to me and asking “how is it doing?”

What do you answer to a question like this? “Oh, it’s doing great! I’m having a couple of dates every evening, but still looking for my soul mate!”? I actually went for the reality: “Well, it’s not going, but I never put my profile there with any hope that it would get me anywhere” To tell you the truth (and this I didn’t tell that girl), I’m not even looking right now. Yes, I am looking for friends to take me away from my apartment, but nobody to take me away from finishing my Ph.D. I have lots of things to do and work is already taking more time than I really wanted.

But I did have a nice evening. It was a Tu B’shvat seder… I haven’t had a seder for this holiday since my Bar Mitzvah days (a LONG time ago). And actually back then you don’t quite get all the symbolism in a holiday. This one is full of kabalististic stuff, with groups of 4 and doing things in progression of getting closer to G’d. It was really interesting. Lots of fruit!

Then I went out with some of the people to a bar by the university. I was first worried that I was going to see all these college students, but it was pretty empty and quiet. Nice place to sit and talk (and to hear that somebody found my profile on JDate). Actually yesterday was nice too! I went for a Shabbat dinner and then we also went out to a bar to talk. This bar was a little noisier and strange. The dècor didn’t make any sense! Mirrors, tables with flowers on them, selling beer and pies, with hard rock being played. In the back they had a pool table (the place was small, so the back wasn’t that far away from the front).

The only problem with yesterday is that it ended up getting so late that I had no bus to get back home (actually there was one that I could get at 2 am, but it was still 1 am only). The good thing is that somebody did give me a ride back home, so I didn’t have to worry too much.

Today was cleaning and working on my research. Tomorrow is going to be the same thing. But now I think I’m going to bed.

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