I wished I had a silent camera…

Today in the bus ride back home I really wished I had a silent camera to take pictures of some strange people that were riding in the same bus as I was.

First, ahead of me there was a person with a huge 70’s afro hair and big earphones that were getting to his ears from under his afro in the back. He was listening to rap music loud enough for me to hear!

Then, on my right I had a guy that was wearing jeans full of patches and a security pin just pinned on the tigh, an inside out shirt and wearing yellow swim goggles. Oh, and he also wore those gloves that have open fingers, but a sort of cap that you can pull onto your fingers to heat them. Very strange.

And behind me there was a guy that was wearing jeans, a shirt and tie and carrying a camping backpack (those ones with metal to keep it straight).

Just out of this world… But I really liked it! I enjoy going around and seeing people being themselves, strange, but themselves. Last weekend, during a very strange talk with one of the “survivors” from the karaoke, she mentioned: “The sexiest thing that there is is a confident man”. Oh, she had a boyfriend, so don’t start having ideas of what she meant by it! But that’s exactly what I saw today: men that were confident on their strange way of dressing and seeing reality. I didn’t quite think they were any close to being sexy. That’s a good thing!

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