Good news

I just got a piece of good news: my first paper related to my research was finally accepted to be published on a journal! That will be my 3rd journal publication, but the first on my research. Minor detail that it is on a part of my research that I’m not really proud of, but, as I said, it’s just a minor detail. I’m waiting for my first paper to be accepted, that’s where the core of my research lies… So I’ll keep on waiting.

2 thoughts on “Good news

  1. Congratulations!Now you just need to finish your research and disertaion! You’ve worked too hard and long to keep postponing and getting destractions.


  2. Unfortunately it is easier said than done. It’s hard to work on something that some days you think you will never get anywhere. After all this time, I still get these strange feelings that all I’ve done was useless and I should start all over again.But I’m getting there. Even if it takes lots of sleepless nights, I will have a chapter done per week starting next week (no, I don’t have to rewrite chapters, only fix them and write one extra chapter). This means that I can get everything done in about a month (depending on my advisor) and schedule my defense for sometime around March… That would be just too perfect!


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