The 3 finger approach to eating a muffin

I’ve never understood why would a person use their fingers to pick up a piece of a muffin to eat it, instead of holding the paper and taking bites out of it directly. The second option does not make your hand dirty and potentially generates less crumbs, that usually are the result of moving the piece of muffin from the paper on the table to your mouth.

Anyway, I just have been trying to post more often with more “philosophical/technological” discussions than just what is my day about. Hope this makes this blog more interesting.

Sure I still need to find time to make it look nicer, but I’ll get there eventually.

3 thoughts on “The 3 finger approach to eating a muffin

  1. I eat my muffins that way, the three finger way. I don’t know why I do, I never really thought about it, I guess. I think maybe it seemed a little less piggy to tear it apart than dive right in. That’s just the way I do it, and I’ve heard you question this before. I don’t know why it bothers you so.


  2. I guess I’m just the guy that get bothered with everything that seems not too hygienic. Like picking any food with your hands. Especially when you are in the office and working on the computer at the same time. Did you know that a computer keyboard is one of the dirtiest things that there exist? Only behind the office telephone.At least it’s not as bad as people going to the restroom and leaving without washing their hands. This drives me crazy! And it’s more common than I would ever hope, even at work.


  3. I don’t do it after touching a keyboard. I usually eat with my hands after washing them. Yes, I can understand where you come from. However, if they make themselves sick, it’s their fault.I know what you mean about the bathroom thing, and yes, that is discusting.


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