A strange day…

That’s all I can say about yesterday.

On Thrusday the manager of my group presented part of our vision to the president of the company. The problem is that the president didn’t like it. After a very tough 2 1/2 hour discussion (of which I didn’t participate – only big shots were there), they’ve concluded that we have to redo our vision. Yesterday morning I got the debriefing of this meeting and then everything became strange. I didn’t know what I had to do any more, I’ve lost idea of what my priorities were and nobody could help me with that. So, in the end, I ended up just having discussions with everybody about what the meeting meant (hearing some very pressimistic views of it) and then I went for a Shabbat evening service and dinner at the Hillel. It was nice, I met nice people and had interesting conversations. I’ve even met an Argentinian that knows some Brazilians, so there is a chance that I’ll finally meet some part of the Brazilian community here in Seattle.

Today has been a little lazy. I’ve paid some bills, browsed the internet, cleaned, walked to lunch at an Indian place closeby (not before I spent about 15 minutes looking for my house keys that I had previously put inside my pocket – but that’s a minor detail) and now I’m ready to work on my research again. There are a number of things that I want to get done today, so I should get to them.

There is one thing that is worrying me, actually: my lack of inspiration to write, that is probably related to my lack of things that I’m learning and think are of interest to other people. Yes, it is true that almost half of my day I’m at work and there are too many things at work that would give me trouble if I wrote them here. The rest of the time half of it I’m asleep, 1/4 of it I’m cooking/eating and then I’m left with only 1/8 of my day, 3 hours. 1 of these hours I spend in the bus going from home to work and back. Nothing really important usually happens in the bus, besides me reading a book and sometimes some strange people that decide to be talkative and interrupt my reading (not that it bothers me, but is something I would never do to anybody else). Then I’m left with 2 hours that are spent reading emails, working a little on my research and, sometimes, reading a little more of my book.

Yes, I’m not doing anything really exciting… I have to figure out how to change that!

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