Again here I am in my bedroom while everybody is asleep. Today it is even earlier and I didn’t get to have dinner yet. It wasn’t a very exciting day, because most of the things I know what to do involved walking around and it was raining the whole day. But we did some walking anyway to see everything closed.

It’s really good to have my family here, but I’m already starting to think about all the research that I’m not doing, and all the work that I have to do next week. Monday is going to be crazy, but I’ll still have to get back home early. Maybe I’ll learn to be more productive by forcing myself to leave early. Who knows?

Alright, I guess I really don’t have anything else to write about. I’ll go and read a book and wait until I get tired enough to sleep. Or maybe until I get hungry enough to force myself to wake my sister up when making dinner. There is one big problem about me and dinner: I really don’t like to have light dinner, sandwiches for example. They are easy to make and not too noisy. Let’s see… By the way, talking about dinner, I’ve cooked most of the lunch for today and it was so good… Pasta with chicken and tomato sauce.

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