Bedroom alone

After a very interesting day talking and showing my parents and my younger sister around (a little), now they are asleep in the living room and guest bedroom and I’m in my bedroom using my cool wireless connection to let time pass. It’s strange to have people around, but it’s really a good thing. It is definately going to be hard when they leave, because suddenly my apartment will be empty again.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what went on today. We had lunch, walked around the mall a little, then everybody was tired, so we went back home and watched some TV, talking about random things. Oh, I also received the many gifts people sent me. I made dinner for my father and I (the rest were either sleeping or just too tired to eat) and that’s it.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain here, so I’m not sure what we will do. I have some ideas, but I will see what they want to do. I also have some books about what to do in Seattle, so they can go through them and decide. I’m only afraid we can’t go too far, because we will have to come home for lunch, as pretty much everything will be closed tomorrow.

I think it’s time to try to sleep myself. They will be up early tomorrow, so I’ll have to be ready for it. Before I go, though, I’ll just write the strange experience I had at the Sea Tac airport…

I checked online to see if their flight was on time, but it was 20 minutes late, so I relaxed a little and planned to get there a little later. I actually didn’t have much of an option, because the cable guy decided to show up early.

I got to the airport, after some traffic to get to the parking and some time to find a parking spot, 5 minutes later than I wanted, 11:50am. I walked really fast to the bagage claim area (like most regional aiports here in the US, the bagage claim area is accessible to anybody) and when I got there there was nobody around. I went to the monitor to check if the airplane had arrived and if I was in the correct bagage claim belt (I got the number from the internet) and, for my surprise, my family’s flight wasn’t listed!!! I was confused! I really didn’t know what to think about it, because it just didn’t make sense for their flight not to be listed!

After some time some people started showing up and claiming to be in an American Airlines flight from Dallas, and that relaxed me! When I looked at the monitors again I realized that they had run out of space and were just not displaying all flight. Very terrible system! Fire the engineer that built it!

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