A late Sunday night with friends

Yes, you read it right: friends! I met some people today and had a relly good time talking with them (too good, because I got home and my throat is complaining that I spoke too much against loud music and it’s sort of late, 1:30 am late, and I work in the morning). It all happened in a bar just by my apartment!

Me in a bar meeting people? Sounds like a strange story, right? Well, it’s because it’s not the whole story. The University of Washington Hillel has a group named JConnect that organizes events for people in grad school or new in the job market to get together and not be lost in the world. Every other week they organize a meeting at a bar, once in Seattle and another time in the Eastside. This time was in the Eastside, and very close to home! I even walked there and back! I had a great time, but waking up in the morning is going to be “fun”.

I’m only depressed about one thing: I’m becoming normal! I now have a TV in my apartment! Sure it is on the floor in my living room and cannot show anything but static, but it’s a TV nevertheless! Scary idea! Next thing I know I’ll be going to bars to meet people!

5 thoughts on “A late Sunday night with friends

  1. Deadline? Well, officially I don’t really have any. I can take as much time as I want to defend my thesis. But the longer it takes, the more difficult it gets, because not only you lose momentum, you have to restart all the literature review. “Fixing” a literature review is not a fun thing to do, I tell you!But I’m still aiming for February. It is seeming more and more “fictitious”, but I don’t want hope to die any time soon. I’m home early today to work on it! I’m not listening to people that tell me stories of friends that never finished their Ph.D. after starting to work at Amazon, or that had to take some months off 5 years later to finish it up. I’m ashamed of not having finished everything yet.


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