Good that it started upbeat

Yes, today was a tough day. Lots of very hard meetings that didn’t do more than make time pass really quickly. In the end I almost didn’t get anything done today, but that’s the way things work, I guess. I got home at around 11:20 pm and now I just can’t work on my research for the day (although I will try a little just after finishing this post).

The only “interesting” thing that actually happened today is that I read a nice article on Seattle Post Intelligencer about how much hybrid vehicles not necessarily are fuel-efficient. They claim that they are more silent, have more power, but they haven’t shown any real fuel economy that would compensate for its very high cost (213 buses for $152 million! But the Seattle transit system can claim that they have the largest hybrid bus fleet in the world, whatever that means). It’s sad to see that new technology isn’t helping much. Hopefully in some years it will prove to be better… Or maybe by then we will have good hydrogen solutions.

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