I see that blogger didn’t like me yesterday. I tried to post a short note with the fact that I was in the office until 10:40 pm yesterday, and that I was only kicked out of the place because I was a little hungry (not too much, because I only had time to have lunch at around 4pm) and because all lights were going off here! It’s hard to work in the dark!

Anyway, today I won’t go that late. I had to finish a document for a meeting I have tomorrow with my boss’s boss to show him my work and get some feedback (my first official meeting with him). I’m excited, but a little worried. But I finished the document and sent it out for some people to have a look and give me suggestions to make it easier to understand and explain. It’s only 9 pm still, so I can go back home and light the Chanukkah candles. Later I have a chat with my parents.

Oh, yes, there was one more thing I wanted to post… Something that I never understood from the time I lived in Stillwater, and hopefully will be different here. Look at this new year’s party invitation:

“Additionally, we are inviting everyone to a “First Night Celebration” on Dec. 31st New Year’s Eve, with lots of family activities, beginning at 6 p.m. We will try to include, in various rooms of the church: a potluck supper followed by continuous snacks, a talent show, a video marathon, playing board games or cards, a musical jam session, a dramatic reading of a play, and watching the ball drop at midnight! Please email or call the church office if you can volunteer to help.”

Now what can be wrong with it? A very simple thing: “and watching the ball drop at midnight!” If you are not aware of the American celebrations of new year’s, you may not realize it, but the “ball drop” is the big New York City celebration, where a ball drops and exactly at midnight and falls and starts all the lights. It is an interesting ceremony, although I think it is a little boring (well, I don’t know fireworks, anyway). But my concen is that, for Oklahoma, this happens at 11pm, not a midnight! I’ve heard of lots of people that actually go to sleep after the ball dropped and don’t really celebrate the local new year. Very bizarre concept! Hopefully around here people don’t do the same, because it would be at 9 pm! Celebrating new year’s at 9pm is depressing.

Oh, by the way, I just received an email from my boss saying that I have to work on the document more. Now I don’t know if I should go home and work from home, or just stay here and work on it a little more… Oh well, I’ll figure it out.

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