More and more shopping

Yes, that was what my day was about today! But it was finally good shopping! I was on my budget and got pretty much everything I wanted to buy! If my parents arrive tomorrow I would be able to at least have a place for them to sleep. No living room yet, but that is what I’m targeting right now. I bought a couch and a recliner. They will be arriving on Saturday. Now the only thing that is left for the living room is a TV. I don’t mind not having a TV for me, but I really think that my parents and sister would like to have one.

Besides that, yesterday I had a very good day! I went to services in the morning. I went to another synagogue, a little farther from the ones I went before, but had a very good experience there! First is that I entered the synagogue and lots of people went to me and greeted me. The cantor, rabbi, president of the congregation, secretary… More than that, the person that sat beside me even asked me if I wanted to join him and his family for lunch. I went to his home and had a wonderful meal. His wife is Iranian, his family in orinigially Spanish and they have traveled around the world. All this was summarized in the food.

Oh, well… The only thing that makes me sad is that I, again, didn’t have time to work on my research this weekend.

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