A person shouldn’t blog when he/she does not anything to say, right? Wrong, because I’m blogging anyway! 🙂

Today I was starting to list all the things I have to buy until my parents and my sister arrive and I was just scared with the list! My apartment is still so empty that it makes me a little depressed. But there is one thing I like about it (although some people might find worrisome):

Yesterday I had tons of work to do to deliver something for a meeting I had in the morning. I came back home to do some exercise (today was the last day of my free trial at the gym), took a shower and then sat on my bed with my work laptop on my lap and worked… Being able to access the internet through the wireless connection that came “for free” with my DSL router… It was just great! Especially because now I know I’ll be able to access internet from my bedroom when my parents are sleeping here in the second bedroom (my office). I like my apartment.

Today I participated on a phone interview (my second) and the candidate did terribly. It’s sometimes so sad to see it, because he was so excited about the opportunity… Hopefully he will get another chance on another company that will be a better fit to his qualities.

I also found out that I’m a tough interviewer. I feel for the people I’m going to interview on Monday (I have two interviews scheduled, one which I’m the co-interviewer and the other that I’m the only interviewer). I have this tendency of thinking that people should amaze me, because my co-workers do amaze me most of the time! I don’t want to decrease the level of the team! Tomorrow I have a visit from a person that was already offered a position… These people are invited to visit Amazon before they decide if they accept the offer. Let’s see how this is going to go.

Oh, and talking about this, I was asked to call another person that was offered a position at Amazon to see if I could do anything to help him decide, but he never answered my emails. I left him a voice message and nothing either. Have I ever told you that I hate phones?

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