Perhaps, even after some time, people don’t really learn anything about you. I guess that’s something to be expected, because a person is a complex system with multiple things to learn, but it was just strange when I realized that last evening. Probably it’s all my fault, because I don’t make myself easily understood, but I always thought that this is the whole point. There are things about me that I can’t understand myself. If I try to explain to a person who I am, I’ll give to this person a biased view based on what I think I am, but not really based on what I do.

Anyway, it’s water over the bridge and now I’m just trying to get back to the essentials. My day was spent cleaning and being shocked with the fact that not only my parents are coming in a month, but my sister is coming with them. This is great in a way, but in an apartment that can only right now take one person, there is still a lot of things that have to be done (and, especially, bought) to accept three more people. But, well, I guess I have to just go for it.

Oh, on Saturday I was finally able to get a package that has been waiting for me since last Monday: I’m finally the owner of R.E.M.’s new CD, Around the Sun. It is an interesting CD, very R.E.M.-ish, and not one of those extremely innovative ones. It’s simple and good.

I’m also the owner of a DVD! The first DVD I’ve ever bought, actually, and the 4th in my collection (all the others were gifts): Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. It’s actually a BBC miniseries, with 6 episodes of half an hour each. It’s just like the book (that was actually written after the script was written, but has some things that he couldn’t make in the original). Very enjoyable! Envy me, Mr. G!

Yesterday I went to services in the morning, and I decided to try something new again. Because I had gone to all conservative synagogues already, and one modern orthodox, I decided just to try a Reform temple. It was an interesting short service, with lots of singing and with a real singer as a chazan. But the extremely abbreviated service is just too akward for me. Hard to recognize it and follow it. Sad… I guess I have to give up on finding something that matches exactly what I want for a service and just realize I have to get used to something.

I guess that’s what I had to talk about. It’s interesting how messy my life is right now. Not in the terrible way, though, it’s just that when weekend comes I just loose sense of schedule. I wake up early usually (except today that, for some strange reason I woke up and it was almost 11 am) and then I have breakfast sometime in the morning, lunch at around 4 pm (because I force myself to eat and not that I’m hungry), I work, clean or whatever and then when it’s time to go to bed I don’t know if I should have dinner or head straight to bed. And that’s what I’m trying to decide right now. I had days like this in the past, but not every weekend. But I did some major cleaning today (again). My living room is almost empty (and that’s a little sad)! I think I need just a couple of more weekends and I’m done with all these boxes!

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