Giving thanks to not much at all

Today is Thankgiving day (almost was right now) and I can’t say that I really had a great time. Last evening I realized that I had a package waiting for me outside (they put it inside my storage room outside the door): my office desk!

The result from this: I spent the day assembling the desk and didn’t really work on my research. It actually took me a long time to assemble it and I haven’t finished assembing the hutch yet. But it looks nice so far! The only thing that doesn’t look nice is my hand that is very sore from using the screw driver. I actually decided in the middle of the day that I needed an electric screw driver. I went out to find one and, after driving around for a good time, because most stores are closed today, I bought one.

However, when I got home I found out that I couldn’t use it for another 9 hours, because it required charging. So I went back to the manual method and not I’m really sore. But, hey, soon I’ll have a clean dining room table!!!

Not much else to talk about, thought. I went out with a co-worker for dinner. He also doesn’t have anybody to enjoy Thanksgiving with. We drove around for a while to find an open restaurant but we did and had really good food (a little on the expensive side, though). And that’s pretty much it. I think right now I’m off to bed to get ready to work tomorrow. It’s strange not to work on a Thursday and then work on Friday. I feel like it’s Sunday and that I have a whole week ahead of me, but there is only one day and then it’s weekend.

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