The pain…

It is over. It was painful, and it actually is still painful, but it was something that I still want to believe that had to be done. I’m sure that the world will move forward and will take us with it and this will solve the pain.

Anyway, besides this I don’t have much to tell. I’ve been doing lots of work and I decided that I’ll make my research easier and just drop all the C++ stuff. I’ll go back to my old method that I can improve and make it work almost as fast as if I did it from scratch. I don’t have time for working things from scratch any more.

And, by the way, I still need to eat dinner. I just don’t know what to eat, so I guess I’ll go out now and buy something from the grocery store.

Strange, my mind can’t really think straight any more. It’s been just a tough day, and much tougher evening.

2 thoughts on “The pain…

  1. I came back to read this post, just today. I’m sure you will never come and find this comment, but just the same it still needed to be said. I can’t believe that 1.9 years only got a stinking paragraph. That you had to be so metaphoric in your emotions. Why can’t you just open up and stop the “rocks are falling” nonsense? Emotions deserve much more than any metaphoric sentence can give. Then again I don’t know why I dwell on it now. I guess mostly because I’m moving exactly 1 year after you. Packing up my things, there are still so many memories of you. You had the easy way, you left before it was officially over. I’m quite certain that it was over before you left.Funny the way life takes us. I will never understand, but hopefully someday I can forget.


  2. Sometimes things are better left unsaid, that’s the idea I’ve always subscribed to. Being silent makes you learn and live reality much deeply. It was a tough moment in life, but memories of it sometimes are more important than just leaving a hole in life that will never be filled. We cannot go back in time.


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