Ah… Finally my Linux is working with network. The only “problem” is that now I don’t have an excuse not to work on my research any more. And currently I’m stuck with such a silly problem that I don’t get any motivation to actually work. But I’ll do it!

Anyway, today I just continued cleaning my apartment and went around for a walk and to visit the local gyms. I’m considering joining one now that I’m not walking as much as I used to walk in Stillwater. Actually, in my last months in Stillwater I wasn’t exercising as much as I used to and I was feeling the difference (and I felt the difference this morning when I decided to do some Yoga and I realized how stiff I am).

Another thing I did was to take some pictures of the surrounding area that I am going to upload and make available some day.

Then I came back to work and did lots of different things, including studying for my long days of programming coming up this week at work. It is going to be “fun”!

Oh, yes, before I forget, I found this interesting article: The Worst Jobs In Science

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