A mixed day of delight and…

Well, I think I should keep my post happy, right? So let’s start by saying that yesterday I did go to the R.E.M. concert and it was great! Because I didn’t get there that nervous like last concert (the one I got VERY late and lost about 1/3 of the concert), it was just delightful. I was sitting closer this time, because the concert hall is smaller than the one in Dallas. They played a good mix between old songs and songs from the new album. It was amazingly great. It’s difficult to find words to describe the experience.

Oh, the opening band was called 5’8″ and is a small band from Athens, GA (the “birthplace” of REM, but not really where all of them live right now, but I’ll get to this). It was a pretty interesting band, very noisy, with very depressing, but somehow funny lyrics…

Another thing that I learned is that out of the 6 people that built the REM concert band (3 fixed members and 3 “invited musicians”), 4 live in Seattle! You learn things every day. I even learned today that critics didn’t quite enjoy the concert, but, hey, they are there not to enjoy things, right? šŸ˜‰

Not much else I should talk about here. I spent the day here cleaning, chatting with my parents and working a little on my research. Now I’m actually hungry, but I don’t know what I want to eat. I think I’ll get my car and see if I can find an interesting restaurant around, then back to my research and trying to make my Linux understand Internet.

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