Just keep waiting…

Yes, I’m waiting for many things. Among them my computer desk (I have to mention that the name of the manufacturer that is shipping me the desk is called Bush Furniture, right?) and my phone line to be connected. I do have a new phone number, but they messed up with the cable connections (at least that’s what they claim they did) and I got a phone line from somebody else. More than that, I should have DSL, but I can only have it when I have my phone line. Hopefully this will happen sometime today and tonight I’ll be able to enjoy the internet in my apartment (but without my computer desk).

Not much else is going on, though. I’ve been working and receiving more work to do. I’m starting to be anxious for the R.E.M. concert on Friday, and that’s all that is really going on. By this weekend I hope I’ll have a more liveable apartment, without all the boxes and piles of paper. It’s actually not too bad, if you ignore that I still haven’t thrown the boxes out. But I have most of my books on my bookshelf (my bookshelf is already full and with double rows of books – most probably I’ll need another bookshelf soon), my clothes in my closet and kitchen stuff in the kitchen. The only things that I have to deal with are my papers (tons of them – I still have to sort through then and find out that most can go to trash), gifts (I need shelves for these) and all the boxes and wrapping paper that need to get out of my apartment. My only worry is that once all this is taken care of, my apartment will look very empty again and I’ll start planning on spending more money. Not good…

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