I got my boxes today, so my apartment is starting to look like it has some stuff. But one interesting thing happened with all this: I realized how much bigger my new apartment is comparing to my old apartment. When they were putting all the stuff in boxes there, after all boxes were filled, there was barely space left to move in the apartment. Now they put all the boxes inside my living room and it almost didn’t use 1/4 of the living room space. 27 boxes! It’s so cool! 🙂

I also got the bus from my new apartment to work this morning and I’m sad… I just have to walk about 2 blocks for the bus stop and it’s the second stop of the bus, so it’s very empty. The result of this is that I’ll end up walking less and I’ll have to find other ways to exercise. The bus takes 30 minutes to get to work, but it drops me half a block from work. I’ll just have to start taking some books to read.

Finally, there are some things that surprise me, but I just don’t have words to describe this post. Very interesting indeed.

Oh, I only had one big issue to sort out today: I was chosen to lead one of the largest projects on my group. We were setting deadlines for it and it ended up having to be delivered by mid January, with a second part being delivered in mid February. Do you know what this means? Simply that I just don’t know when to schedule my Ph.D. defense any more and when I’ll find time to work on it. It’s just a lot of work that I have to do until January! I can tell you that I’m genuinely scared!

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