Something is really wrong in this world. At least in my world, the world where my friends live. I go and read their blogs (1, 2) and the only thing I see is people depressed, disappointed, desperate. It is very sad to see this happening at the same time to too many friends, but what really makes me sad is that there are things that I could do to help them, but I just don’t think I can afford it right now. The last thing I want to do is to increase chaos in my own life, so I just keep away from all this and change the topic.

Today I went for Shabbat services in Mercer Island. Mercer Island is an island (oh, wow, who would have imagined that?) in Lake Washington, between Seattle (where I live right now) and Bellevue (where I’m going to be living starting next Saturday, hopefully). Very nice place, with beautiful houses, but it is a dormitory community. There is nothing there to do, only houses (and the synagogue, actually more than one). Services were great too, with very friendly people. Most probably next weekend I won’t be able to go to services anywhere because I’ll be waiting for the delivery of my mattress (yes, I finally bought it today!) and my dining table, but I think I decided which community I’m going to join. One step closer to having a “normal and steady” life here.

I bought two more things that were bothering me: silverware and a set of pans. And in this last one I went all out and bought a very expensive but good set. Hey, I have been cooking here pretty much every day, I deserve good pans, right?

Tomorrow I decided that I’m not going to go shopping. Most of the very important things I already bought, so I’m staying at home and working on my research. I also have to work on some documents for work, so it is going to be a pretty busy day. Monday I have to be at my new apartment to receive my boxes, so I should work tomorrow to compensate, right?

You know, I like my work. I’m learning a lot of interesting things and getting to establish the basis for something that I see as a huge change for the Internet as a whole. But it is a bold bet, a high-risk project. We can very well not get to what we want to get, but we know how to compromise. How to get to part of what we want and increase value to the service anyway. Lots of challenges, it’s good to be a developer! 🙂

Alright, time to go back to work here. I actually haven’t had dinner today, and my lunch was very light, that’s why I’m feeling a little hungry!

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