Right now we here are going through a very active selection process to hire new people. Every time I see this happening here, I remember how different the process is here comparing to my experience in Brazil. I know I talked about this before, but one of the most important issues that people talk about here is loosing good people to other companies. Advertising the company is a very important thing.

My experience is that most people in Brazil are “beggers”, it means that if the company hires you you don’t really think twice, you just go there. If you receive more than one offer (something that doesn’t happen every day), then you may think about it for a while. I’ve seen people here rejecting an offer just because they didn’t like the company, and not having anything to fall back on (apart from credit cards). It is very interesting.

Anyway, I finished one of my big reports that was due today and now I’m trying to relax a little before I go back to realizing that I have two other use cases to write. Document writing is just a lot of fun!

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