Another week is gone and there isn’t much to talk about. Yesterday I listened to a phone interview that I didn’t quite like. The person had some knowledge about the subject that we are interested in, but she had some major language difficulties that would give her a very hard time when it came to work in the team I’m working. Sometimes even I can’t really grasp what is being discussed in the middle of the meetings, because of the speed people think and the concepts they are able to throw at you without even stopping to think for a minute. But I may be wrong, let’s see… She should have been invited for an on-site interview and maybe I’ll know the result.

Continuing this interview process, today I was invited to participate on an on-site interview. This guy that we were interviewing had theoretically lots of experience, but in other fields, more for telecom and embedded systems. But he did so poorly in the interview that was a little sad to be there. Sorry, he didn’t get it.

Let’s see what else I can talk about… Work is going alright. I’ve been mainly writing documents and sending it out to people and, so far, people have been liking them. I actually had two very good conversations today with some people from the team that helped me a lot to understand where we were going and what I have to do next. There is only one thing I have to say about it: there is lots of work ahead, but once it is working, it is going to be great!

More to the personal things… Uhm… Yesterday there was a soirre at the building I’m living right now. Good food, drinks and convesations. If I was a little bit more “corageous” I would probably have had more fun, but I guess that’s the way I am, and I sort of like it.

The weather here is getting colder and wetter. This evening it was kind of nasty. Lots of wind, and a little rain. Perfect for you to catch a cold! Especially because lots of people from my team have come down with a cold this week, and today my office mate was feeling pretty miserable. I’ll keep taking my vitamins, eating a sleeping well.

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