“What is this website for?”, you might ask. And here is my answer to this humble inquiry:

First and foremost: it’s my personal website. So what you will read here is going to be my own personal experience on multiple different subjects (well, at least I hope it’s going to be multiple different subjects).

So now that I’m through with my content plans, let’s talk a little about structure. This blog is split into three main areas:

  1. My blog: this is where you can find whatever is going on through my mind at the moment. Don’t expect a whole lot to be posted there, because probably not much goes through my mind at any given moment (well, not much that I think is worth posting)
  2. My projects: yes, sometimes I invent some time to work on some random projects. I plan on providing some details about what I did with the project and why.
  3. My personal info: well, if you were wondering who I really am, that should cover some of it.

“Why is MovingDownstream?”, you might ask next, as you now might think that I like to answer questions. Well, it all started with my first blog, StillAsWater, that I wrote while I lived in Stillwater, OK. Once I moved to Seattle, I thought that it would be great to keep the water theme, but I couldn’t use the same “pun”. So I thought long and hard about how my life was going, and what made me get to where I was, and I realized that my options weren’t that hard. Things tended to flow towards where I am right now, thus the “Downstream” concept.

Enjoy! And feel free to leave me comments whenever.

  • Limitarianism: academics is fascinating

    June 15, 2021 by

    This will be a short one, because I decided to pick up a topic that I can’t really say that I understand much, just to talk about something that makes me happy. I was reading a Washington Post opinion piece, Is it time to limit personal health? and that led me to looking into a… Read more

  • People’s aversion to OOP is odd

    June 14, 2021 by

    From time to time I read an “opinion article” (just like this one) of why people think that OOP is very bad for the world and everybody should embrace Functional Programming (e.g. Why is OOP Such a Waste?). I think people make good points about the issue with OOP, mostly centered around statefulness and what… Read more

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